BML Technology Proud to Support Ironstone Product Development and Megalab Group at MedTech Pub Night

Ironstone Product Development (IPD) is an ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device development company that supports clients with all aspects of medical and health product development, compliance and commercialization, they are headquartered in Toronto. Megalab Group offers ISO 17025 A2LA Accredited, EMC, Product Safety, Mechanical & Laboratory Testing Services, they are based in Aurora, Ontario.

IPD and Megalab Group were excited to hold their most recent MedTech Pub Night on April 13th, 2023. The event provided Toronto medical device ecosystem participants with an opportunity to meet, network and listen to insightful talks from industry experts – including IPD founder Joel Ironstone, Megalab Group Partner Vic Chandna, and our own Founder and Managing Director Marc Saab – on important medical device topics, while enjoying drinks and snacks. The evening was informative, fun and free as there was no cost to attend.

The event program was:

  • Joel Ironstone, President of IPD: The Epistemic Foundations of Medical Device Development.
  • Marc Saab, Founder and Managing Director of BML Technology:
    The #1 challenge facing digital health adoption in North America.
    More on Marc’s presentation below.
  • Vik Chandna, Partner of Megalab Group: Product Compliance – Testing to 60601-1 and Tricks of the Trade.

Event time and location:

  • April 13, 2023, 6 – 9 PM, Scotland Yard Pub – 56 The Esplanade Toronto, ON M5E-1A6

BML Presentation Overview

Marc spoke to the group across the wide array of challenges faced by digital health startups in attaining market adoption and spent some time going over ‘The Basics’ of the process.

More importantly he provided insights into the process of how startups may identify who their customer really is. The fact is that for medtech startups the customer is, in most cases, defined more widely than they realize. And not being aware of this fact up front is one of the issues that gets startups in trouble as they progress in their development.

A strong understanding of all of the various customer groups that digital health startups have to influence in order to succeed is a must. Referred to only half in jest as the ‘5 Headed Monster’ these five customer groups are:

  1. The decider (payer)​
  2. The purchaser (hospital administrator, purchasing approval stakeholders)​
  3. The receiver/installer (clinical engineer, technician)​
  4. The operator (nurse, technician)​
  5. The interpreter (physician)

Ignoring or failing to do the work correctly to influence all 5 of these groups greatly diminishes the chances of success for medtech startups. Marc also highlighted what many consider to be the #1 challenge facing market adoption for new medical technology: customer group 3, the clinical workflow integration process and clinical engineers.

An innovative digital health startup may have developed a revolutionary solution with the ability to positively impact patient outcomes, but will that solution actually make it into the clinical environment where it could deliver these positive outcomes? This is not a given. Clinical workflow integration should be a core area of focus for medtech startups and they should devote resources to it as they would to all other key areas of the business.

True clinical workflow integration demands a strategy supported by a strong KOL network and advisory board, and includes these less commonly-discussed topics:

  • Acquisition​
  • Deployment​
  • Training​
  • Equipment management (devices)​
  • Data integration​
  • Cybersecurity, data privacy (software and cloud services)

We are excited to support these types of events and to share insights that will hopefully help the medical device startups and other industry attendees avoid the pitfalls startups often find themselves in when faced with the safety and efficacy requirements of a regulated industry.

We look forward to the next event and to more activities from the industry leaders at IPD and Megalab Group.

If you want to know more on any of these topics or need some help with your medical device regulatory strategy, the process of gaining market adoption or how to plan your clinical workflow integration strategy please contact us.

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At the intersection of medical technology, clinical research and patient-centric health care, we manage the complex stakeholder interactions necessary to get digital health solutions to market and gain adoption.