Listen to BML Technology Founder and Managing Director Marc Saab discuss digital health with ABI Wellness CEO Mark Watson on the Brain Mastery Podcast

Join our own Founder and Managing Director Marc Saab as he discusses key topics in digital health and medical technology with Mark Watson, CEO of ABI Wellness and also the founder and host of the Brain Mastery Podcast: Episode 49.

In this insightful episode Marc and Mark discuss the progression of medical technologies to give patients more understanding and control of their health. Marc also talks about the difficulty in achieving real behavioral change and the many possibilities that come with neuroplasticity.

The Brain Mastery Podcast, brought to you by ABI Wellness, features experts in neuroscience and rehabilitation, hosted in discussion by Mark Watson, Co-Founder and CEO of ABI Wellness and an expert in cognitive enhancement. In the Podcast he discusses facets of brain health with the industry’s top specialists, researchers, and advocates. 

Listen weekly for useful insights from experts, gained over years of experience, and to hear inspiring stories from traumatic brain injury survivors. If you’re interested in the brain, brain health and brain injury rehabilitation this is the podcast for you. We highly recommend it.

It is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Amazon.

ABI Wellness offers a transformative, evidence-based solution for people seeking to improve cognitive functions. Their proprietary platform, Brain Enhance And Recovery System (BEARS) helps patients overcome cognitive challenges in post-acute care through  capacity building and neuroplasticity programming. The BEARS platform can be utilized by certified providers to help patients with brain injuries through both onsite and virtual care.

In a recent study, the Brain Enhance And Recovery System (BEARS) platform has shown a 77% return-to-work rate and was projected to help prevent up to $1.2 million in loss of lifetime earnings. While results may vary, patients on the BEARS platform have reported notable improvements.

It is encouraging to see a company that is doing so much for brain health and recovery. Although in many cases not as easily visible as other injuries or physical trauma, brain injury has the capacity to essentially paralyze the lives of injury sufferers and massively decrease their quality of life. We are proud to support ABI Wellness in their mission to help individuals recover from these brain injuries and be able to continue to lead long and productive lives.

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