BML Technology assists RRP Canada with the regulatory requirements framework for its COVID-19 and PPE marketplace

The COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply Crisis in Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented need for Canadian solutions to medical devices, materials and equipment. Specifically in the area of PPE the needs are substantial and traditional supply chains have been overwhelmed by local and international demand where in many cases countries hoarded PPE and prevented the natural movement of supplies across the globe. 

Canadian Government and Industry get together to create Canadian Solutions to address the PPE shortage

There was a need for a Canadian made solution to address this critical challenge. In response to the crisis, Industry Science & Economic Development Canada (ISED), through its Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGEN) Supercluster, funded the creation of the Rapid Response Project (RRP) Canada platform.  

The  Rapid Response Project RRP Canada Platform

RRP Canada is an online marketplace that acts as an exchange connecting manufacturers and suppliers of COVID-19 products with the organizations and businesses that need these products. It has become the trusted Canadian platform to find Canadian suppliers of PPE and other regulated products in over thirteen product categories. RRP Canada is free to use and offers transparent and searchable information about PPE availability. 

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BML Technology contributes its medical device regulatory expertise to the RRP Canada platform

BML Technology, a Canadian leader in digital health technology with a deep understanding of the Canadian regulatory compliance environment in medical devices was brought in to help with the development of the RRP Canada platform. 

RRP Canada wanted to ensure that suppliers on the platform would be held to a quality standard. As the platform includes over thirteen medical device and natural and non-prescription health product categories, each with its own regulatory requirements and set of applicable standards, the challenge to devise a concise set of rules for each supplier and product was significant.

BML Technology with the help of partners Avisio Qualité developed the comprehensive set of rules to match the regulatory requirements for each of the products listed on the marketplace across all categories and supplier types. To ensure that platform members meet these standards, the regulatory requirements were integrated into the software and application design as part of the supplier registration and product listing process. This framework reinforces the RRP Canada mission that listed products be provided by trusted suppliers and to allow RRP Canada to provide criteria for verification of Health Canada regulatory requirements.

As part of its mandate, BML also managed the collaboration with Health Canada. Both the Medical Devices and Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directorates were immediately supportive. Each provided a senior contact person in their respective directorate to manage the interactions and confirm the regulatory pathways and requirements recommended by BML. They were also extremely responsive, allowing the work to progress quickly and efficiently.

RRP Canada is fulfilling its mission of increasing the supply of PPE to Canadians

RRP Canada is fulfilling its mission of delivering Canadian solutions to address the PPE supply shortage. It has been an overwhelming success having facilitated more than 40,000 PPE procurement matches within a community of 150+ Medical Establishment Suppliers. RRP Canada has become the trusted ‘Go to’ Canadian destination for the procurement and distribution of PPE.

BML technology is proud to be a part of this Canadian innovation and ingenuity success story and seeks to assist other Canadian leaders in delivering effective solutions to improve the health of our communities, organizations and businesses. 

Although we wish that there wasn’t a need for services like RRP Canada, BML will continue to contribute to the Canadian COVID-19 effort and to ensure that we make it through this pandemic as best as we can towards a safer and healthier future for all Canadians. 

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At the intersection of medical technology, clinical research and patient-centric health care, we manage the complex stakeholder interactions necessary to get digital health solutions to market and gain adoption.