Parliament passes $73B COVID-19 wage subsidy bill

“But Mr. Speaker , this is not a war. That doesn’t make this fight any less destructive, any less dangerous. But there is no front line marked with barbed wire, no soldiers to be deployed across the ocean, no enemy combatants to defeat. Instead, the front line is everywhere: in our homes, in our hospitals and care centers, in our grocery stores and pharmacies, at our truck stops and gas stations. And the people who work in these places are our modern-day heroes,” Trudeau said.

“As Canada confronts this crisis, we are all called to serve. To fight for and alongside each of our fellow citizens, to fight for someone’s mother, someone’s grandfather, someone’s neighbor… Without reservation, without pause, we must fight for every inch of ground against this disease. We must be there for each other as we spare no effort to safeguard our collective future,” the prime minister said.

BML Technology is proud of our PM today, proud to be a Canadian company, and humbled and inspired to be helping in the fight against COVID-19.

Parliament passes $73B COVID-19 wage subsidy bill

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