BML Technology Managing Director Marc Saab to provide mentoring in Medical Device Regulatory Strategy to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Deep Space Healthcare Challenge Semi-Finalist companies

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Impact Canada are running the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge, a competition to develop new diagnostic and detection technologies for remote communities in Canada and crews on deep-space missions.

The Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

Canada’s vast territory and dispersed population across its remote and isolated northern frontier create a significant challenge to the delivery of consistent and timely high quality healthcare. The challenges are not unlike those experienced by a crew heading into a deep space destination. These populations need autonomous, innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions that can be delivered with the existing constraints.

To address these needs The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Impact Canada are running this Deep Space Healthcare Challenge with the goal of creating new detection and diagnostic medical technologies to assist front line workers in remote communities across Canada and crews on deep space missions.

BML Technology to provide education and mentoring in Medical Device Regulatory Strategy to the Semi-Finalists in the Challenge

BML Technology Founder and Managing Director Marc Saab will provide education and mentoring on best practices in medical device regulatory strategy to 20 companies in the Semi Finalists cohort as part of Stage 2 of the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge. Marc will counsel these companies on how to avoid the pitfalls that often befall medical device startups facing the safety and efficacy requirements of a highly regulated industry by developing a customized regulatory strategy that is well suited to the short runways and high cash burns of medtech startups.

The Semi Finalists will also be educated on business strategy development by the innovation consulting experts at Innovitech and by Vanessa Henri, one of Canada’s leading Cybersecurity & Data Governance Lawyers, and co-founder of the boutique technology, data security and governance law firm Henri & Wolf. Vanessa will be educating the companies on intellectual property management and other important legal issues.

The 20 Semi-Finalists in the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

OrganizationProject name
Tidal MedicalRemote Detection of Respiratory and Cardiac Pathology using a Non-Invasive Diagnostic Wearable
Pelican MRIUltralight MRI for Remote and Isolated Communities
Université de MontréalSPRINT – Surface plasmon resonance intelligent nanosensor technology
University of New BrunswickAn electrochemical sensor for rapid cancer biomarker detection
Applications MDEZResus, a mobile application for resuscitation that supports people in the field
PLAKKSaving Lives One Scan at a Time: An Artificial Intelligence-Powered Ultrasound Guidance and Analysis Tool to Predict Stroke Risk
Sonoscope Inc.Hands-free automated ultrasound diagnosis module
IndigenousTech.aiAI-powered Solution for Dermatology for Primary Care Practices in Remote Communities
LightX Innovations Inc.LightX Innovations – Vision diagnostics
Swift MedicalPocketable, Skin and Wound Diagnostic and Monitoring Solution
Optican Systems Inc.The OptiScan Near Infrared Probe for real-time Health Monitoring
ADGA Group Consultants Inc.AI-Powered Virtual Medical Assistant
AlenticLensless Microscopy Diagnostic Platform
Neursantys Inc.NEURVESTA: Remote management of neurovestibular and sensorimotor disruptions
TexavieAutonomous, Comfortable, Health-Sensing and Therapy MarsWear Apparel For Deep Space and Remote Terrestrial Applications
McMaster UniversityHeart-Tracker: A wearable platform for real-time monitoring of cardiac markers in interstitial fluid
Wosler Corp.Autonomous Diagnostic Ultrasound Services in Deep Space and Remote Communities
LuxsonicSieVRt Cardiac
Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii)Development of an Autonomous and Tele-operable Medical Robot for Ultra Rapid Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Cancers and Other Needlescopic Interventions

Marc is passionate about helping aspiring medtech firms achieve their potential and contributing to the digital health and medical technology ecosystem. He is a frequent speaker, advisor and mentor at many of Canada’s leading incubators and accelerators and at conferences worldwide.

BML Technology shares this enthusiasm and we are particularly excited about this initiative since it combines our passion for helping companies get their digital health solutions to market with our focus on the technologies and devices that are driving the revolution in virtual health care, telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM), all areas that we provide specialized consulting services in and that we have covered recently in our Blog.

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