BML Technology extends a heartfelt thank you to all healthcare workers

BML Technology extends heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all healthcare workers at the Fondation du Centre universitaire de santé McGill / McGill University Health Centre Foundation, the CHUM – Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal and the Centre de recherche du CHUL (université Laval), all over Canada and the world. This relentless and fearless dedication reminds us why we are all in this field and especially in this difficult time, how we are all #inittogether.

We consider ourselves very lucky to be safe and healthy at home with our families while we remain open for business. Projects are still running, and we are thankful that our partners and clients are healthy and working from home.

We are also very active in supporting #covid19-related projects in collaboration with major centres and government agencies, and volunteering as much time as possible to help with our time and our network. We will provide updates and links to those in subsequent posts.

Stay home. Stay safe.

#stay_home #stay_safe #digitalhealth #healthtechnology

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