7 Digital Health Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

The year 2020 saw an explosion in all activities related to digital health. Presently we are in what can only be described as a boom period for the health technology industry in terms of the quantity and scale of research efforts. The same can be said of products, tools and digital health technologies launched into the marketplace, as well as investment at both the venture and mature stages, and most importantly with regards to adoption.

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An interesting source of digital health information, The Medical Futurist, has put out their list of Digital health trends to watch in 2021. It is an insightful list that describes the 7 following trends as worthy of paying attention to. Read the complete article here.

  1. At-home lab tests
  2. Healthcare misinformation
  3. Immunity passports
  4. Further expansion of telemedicine
  5. Amazon gets closer to healthcare
  6. Self-Monitoring
  7. A.I., on and on

Read the complete article here.

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