CODE LIFE Ventilator Challenge Finalists announced

The 3 finalists in the CODE LIFE Ventilator Challenge were announced on a live stream this morning at 10:30 am EST. La Fondation de l’Hôpital général de Montréal – The Montreal General Hospital Foundation‘s CODE LIFE Ventilator Challenge has been judged and the winners of this amazing challenge will be presented their awards this morning.

And the three finalists in the CODE LIFE Challenge are:

1. IFPR (Brazil, Paraná)
2. Haply OpenSource Ventilator (Canada, Québec)
3. Lung Carburetor (Canada, Québec)

BML congratulates all 10 semi-finalists for your amazing achievements and would also like to congratulate all participants as we cheered on the teams we mentored. Thanks for your enthusiastic and inspiring contributions at this important time. Thanks also to the 2600 amazing participants comprising over 1,000 teams from 94 countries who answered the call.

BML is proud of all the work being done, and thankful to Reza Farivar and Stuart Kozlick, Eng., MASc. for managing this amazing project with skill and class. We know our own Marc Saab and Optina’s George Mallin, MBA have enjoyed tirelessly supporting as well.

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